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Men’s Health

Men's Health

Many of our Doctors, including Dr Harry Unglik, Dr Con Mitropoulos, Dr Howard Goldenberg, Dr Simon Wilding, Dr Duc Tran, Dr Ben Teoh, Dr Mark Martakis, Dr James McLaren and Dr Zeeshan Arain have a particular interest in Men’s Health.  Dr Braham Goldberg has a particular interest in the diagnosis and management of skin conditions in men, including skin cancer checks.

Men’s Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and vascular disease, diabetes and cancers.

Special emphasis is also placed on prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and mental health issues including depression.

All of our Doctors are sensitive to the difficulty some men have in discussing these issues and are experienced in managing them.

To ensure our Doctors do have sufficient time to provide the required care we recommend that a 30 minute appointment is booked for Men’s Health consultations.

To arrange an appointment with one of our Men’s Health Doctors, please phone 9650 4284 or book online.