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Midtown Medical Clinic Uncategorized Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

At Midtown Medical Clinic we are always grateful to receive your feedback!

We love to hear when we are doing things well, and we need to hear when we’re not.

Positive feedback is passed on to all of our staff – we’re a team.

Negative feedback is managed the same way. We listen, we analyse our systems, our policies and procedures, our environment, we meet and discuss, make necessary changes, and always let you know the outcome.

As part of our upcoming Accreditation in July of this year we asked for even more feedback. We gave everyone who attended between January and March 2022 the opportunity to complete an extensive survey developed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to see what you thought about the services we provide and how we provide it. We collected over 400 responses. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to complete this survey.

As a practice we were overwhelmed by the extent of the positive feedback you provided. This has been passed on to all of our staff – we are extremely proud of our team.

Appropriately so, you also made some suggestions as to how we would improve:

You reminded us of the importance of letting you know when we’re running behind. You’re right. As a practice we will always provide you with the time you need and as a consequence we may run late. We have raised this issue with our team and everyone will work to improve their communication. Our Doctors will be better at letting our Administration team know when they’re running behind, and the Administration team will be better at monitoring the appointment diary so they can contact you either by phone or SMS to let you know if any change to your arrival time is required.

You suggested we change our décor to match the fabulous service we provide! We agree this was necessary. Like all of us the décor was suffering a bit of COVID-19 fatigue! So we’ve removed some of the less comfortable, less attractive chairs and added more in other areas of the practice (social distancing means we are using ALL areas of our practice to seat you). We’ve painted walls in a lighter, brighter shade and culled the enormous number of COVID-19 signs (still there, just less!)

You thought that we should have better signage directing you back to reception. If you’re new to our practice this is understandable. We’re a big practice and our building is horse-shoe shaped! We’re in the process of looking at where additional signage can be placed and we’ve reminded our staff to lend a hand when the consultation finishes!

You suggested it was time we put the cups back at the water cooler. We removed these when the COVID-19 restrictions were in force and agree that earlier this year was an appropriate time to put them back. So back they are!

Whilst you said we were very supportive and understanding, you suggested that as a practice we were not obviously welcoming of the LGBTQA+ community. We agree, and will be addressing this during 2022 with additional staff education and training.

Some of you commented on the COVID-19 protocols that has to be followed. We understand the constantly changing rules and the long list of questions we had to ask were tiresome for you (and our staff!). We did our best to minimise the impact this had, but completely understand the frustration that was felt by all. We hope we never have to do it again!

The best suggestion we had was to change the phone greeting, ‘sounded like an old maiden aunt, like fingernails on a chalk board’. Every time the COVID-19 rules changed, or vaccine availability or criteria changed, the Practice Manager had to record ANOTHER message, and there were lots of changes, therefore lots of recordings. We completely agree though, whilst it was accurate and up-to-date, it was terrible, and all staff have got a lot of laughs at the Practice Manager’s expense. She’s OK though, and as she writes this, is awaiting a quote from a professional voice over group 🙂

Thank you everyone for your feedback. You are overwhelmingly happy with the service we provide and provided us with some great suggestions for further improvement.

We are grateful for the opportunity to look after your health and look forward to doing so for many years to come.