Phone Consultations

All of our Practitioners are offering phone/video (Telehealth) consultations. When you have booked a Telehealth consultation, be aware that your Practitioner will ring you as close as possible to your appointment time. Please ensure you are available to take the call. Also please note that the call may come from a ‘blocked’ number as the practitioner may be calling from their personal mobile, or from their home phone. They may also be trying to reach you after hours regarding results.

Sports Doctors & General Practitioners

All of our medical Practitioners are available for Telehealth consultations. The majority of our medical Practitioners are available for in person consultations. However, if your regular Practitioner is currently unable to offer in room consultations and you would prefer an in room consultation, please contact our Administration team to discuss who would be the most suitable Practitioner for you to see.

The fees for Telehealth consultations with our medical Practitioners are listed here. Appointments for both Telehealth and in person consultations with our medical Practitioners can be scheduled here.

Helpful applications

Health Direct have launched a COVID-19 Symptom Checker available for both desktop and smartphone users:

The Department of Health has recently released the COVIDSafe app. This app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19. This helps support and protect you, your loved ones and our community. Our Medical and Allied Health Practirioners fully support the use of COVIDSafe.

If you have any queries at all, please contact us on 9650 4284 or 9650 9372. We are here to help at this difficult time.